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Pochampally Ikkat Cotton Sarees

Ikkat or Ikat is a traditional technique of resist dyeing and handloom weaving. Pochampally Ikat is particularly known for its geometric patterns. The yarn is first resist dyed in the patterns of choice. The yarn so dyed is then woven together on handlooms. The patterns exhibit a certain blurriness on the edges, which is another way of recognising a genuine handloom Ikkat saree. The blurriness is a result of the difficult weaving process of bringing the patterns together on the handloom. 

Single Ikaat sarees are produced when only the warp yarn is resist printed and the weft is a plain yarn. Double Ikkat sarees are produced by resist printing both the warp and the weft yarns. As the weaving process gets more intricate and more difficult, the price of the saree rises. 

Pochampally Ikkat has received its name from Bhoodan Pochampally, a town in Telangana. Pochampally Ikkats are known for their striking geometric patterns and use of natural dyes.

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