Welcome to Weaves of Tradition!

Our Motto, "For the love of design in a mindful way!"

Weaves of Tradition literally stands for what it says. We source and curate crafts and textiles from nooks and corners of India and bring these right to your doorstep. We love exploring all places big and small, because we believe that there are as many variations to art as there are artists.

Crafts, designs, dyes, embroideries, stitches and an art deep rooted in the multitudes of ‘gharanas’ and artisans, passed on from generations to generations, and preserved with much love. The tana and bana of Indian fabric recounts the proud history of all of these. Tales of weaving and fabric in India go back to around 3000 BC, with evidence of cotton fabric being made using plant fibers. From there on, the rich history and culture of Indian textiles has only grown, and has grown deeper to tie religions, cultures, rituals and traditions together into the very fabric of India. Silks from Assam and Odisha, cottons from Bengal, silk cottons from Madhya Pradesh, rich brocades from the ghats of Banaras, the grand Kanchipurams from Tamil Nadu, the eclectic Patolas of Gujarat, the block prints form Kutch and Rajasthan and one so on., the diversity of India can truly be seen in its crafts and textiles.

Weaves of Tradition is our tiny effort to keep our rich cultural heritage alive. Whether its the traditional six yards, or contemporary tunics, we have it all. Weaves of Tradition believes in conserving the traditional crafts of India and taking those one step further to meet the demands of modern lifestyle. Our vision is to create a sustainable brand that brings the crafts from all over India to your very doorstep. We thank you for being a part of this wonderful journey and hope to keep serving you with the help of modern technology that has put our country on the world map.

For all queries, please reach out to us at weavesoftradition@gmail.com