Narayanpet Cotton Sareers

Narayanpet Cotton sarees are made in the Narayanpet town of Telangana. These sarees have a distinct influence of both the Andhra and Maharashtra regions. In the erstwhile eras, Narayanpet sarees were offered to deities or were worn by royalties in the Maharashtra region. The bright and beautiful colours of these sarees coupled with traditional borders are unique to these sarees. The process of a Narayanpet saree begins with dyeing of the thread, after which the threads are put on the loom to be woven in sarees. Narayanpet sarees are plain or have checks and are made with 80 counts of pure cotton sourced from the Vijaywada area. Soak up in these bright and beautiful colors with your own Narayanpet saree! Buy Narayanpet Handloom Cotton Sareers Today!