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Cotton is the most widely used fabric all over the world. India is the largest producer of cotton followed closely by China. Cotton has been in use for times unknown and is produced from the fluffy ball that covers and protects the mature cotton seeds. There have been mentions of the muslin cloth being used during the Indus Valley Civilization. Muslin is the finest form of cotton. Cotton fabric is produced in different forms and textures throughout the world. The most important aspect of cotton is its durability and ease of wearing, cleaning and drying. The fabric is extremely porous, making it very suitable for hot and humid climates. 

The history of cotton in India means that, cotton is the most widely used fabric or yarn for making garments in India. At Weaves of Tradition, cotton is staple fabric around which most of our collections are developed. Be it kadhi, machine made cotton, organic cotton or any other. 

Select form the best of our cotton collection right here. Let us know how much you love it because we know you will!

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