Chanderi Sarees

Chanderi sarees are traditional ethnic sarees characterised by their sheer texture, light weight and luxurious feel. These handloom sarees are crafted in the Chanderi region of Madhya Pradesh. The Chanderi saree is created by weaving pure silk and golden zari with fine cotton, which gives the fabric a lustrous sheen. This ancient art is known to have adorned royal palaces for centuries.

Why buy Chanderi sarees from Weaves of Tradition?

At Weaves of Tradition our endeavour is to source Chanderi sarees from authentic sources and directly from manufacturers. One of the most important feature of the authentic Chanderi saree is that it cannot be made on a power loom. At Weaves of Tradition we not only take care of the source of the Chanderi saree but also make sure that you get the authentic product at a reasonable price.