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Rust Handloom Linen Saree With Zari Border


Rs. 3,000 Rs. 4,650
  • Rust pure linen handloom saree with golden zari border.
  • Linen count: 60.
  • Saree length: 6.4 meters with running blouse piece. Width: 44 inches.
  • Running zari striped blouse piece: 90 - 92 cms.
  • Naturally hand dyed. 
  • The sarees are naturally hand dyed and handwoven. Inconsistencies in the weave/selvedge, missing threads, slubs, uneven yarn contrast, smudges on the fabric are natural due to the human involvement in the process. These lend a character to your outfit. 

Please read the terms and conditions of availing the Fall and Pico services from our website.

1. Fall and Pico will be chargeable per saree. The charges will be added to your cart during checkout.

2. Please select whether you would like to cut out the running blouse piece in the saree or if you would like to use the entire saree as is. For e.g. if you select Cut Running blouse piece from a 6 meters saree, we will cut out 70 cms of the saree for the blouse piece and will do fall and pico on the remaining saree. If you choose not to cut out the blouse piece, we will keep the entire 6 meters and will do fall and pico on the entire 6 meter saree.

3. Shipping time for products and orders with Fall and Pico sarees will be 6-7 working days. Please note that if your order contains products that do not need fall and pico, those products will also be shipped together with the sarees.

4. There will be No COD, No Return and No Exchange on sarees with Fall and Pico. We are unable to process Fall and Pico orders that are completed with COD. 

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