Weaves of Tradition

Sunset Red | Red and Yellow Handloom Merino Wool Kumaoni Shawl


Rs. 2,875
Sunsets are the most beautiful occurrences when the skies almost burst into multitudes of colours. If you are on a beach and look at the horizon, you can almost see the a red sun giving way to orange and yellow. This shawl is a beautiful inspiration of the red colour during a sunset!
  • Red and yellow dual-toned pure merino wool handwoven and handspun Kumaoni shawl from Uttarakhand.
  • Shawl length: 2.2 meters. Width: 40 inches.
  • The shawl is finished with tassels.
  • This is a handwoven shawl and may have slight inconsistencies in the weave/selvedge. These are a part of the hand weaving process and make your product unique. 

Washing and care: 

Dry clean only.

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