The Jamdani weaving technique is one the finest weaving techniques of India. A Jamdani is created on fine muslin and painstakingly woven on looms. One of the features of Jamdani weaving is that the motifs are made on a lighter shade of fabric with a darker dyed cotton thread. The motifs so made crate a colour blocking effect and stand out. If one looks at the Jamdani motifs, they always have the effect of floating on the fine fabric. This is a effect of using a thicker thread for the motifs than the woven fabric. The motifs are created directly on the loom by passing spools of thread from within the weft. This is one of the most difficult weaving techniques used anywhere. 

The Jamdani weaving has its origins in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is also popularly known as Dhakai Jamdani or only Dhakai. In West Bengal, Jamdani sarees are as popular as rasgulla and fish. It is a prized possession of a Bengali woman and is adorned for most important occasions. 

At Weaves of Tradition our endeavour is to source Jamdani sarees, dupattas and stoles from a variety of weavers. You will find both modern and traditional versions of the Jamdani weaving in our collection. We hope you love our collection!