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Patchwork is an interesting combination of two or more fabrics to form artistic designs or to enhance plain fabrics or garments. In India patchwork has a history of over 5000 years. Earliest examples of patchwork include, Kalamkari and Nakshi Kantha patchworks. Earlier, patchwork often has a religious significance, with motifs being attached on religious fabrics and used to temples or places of religious significance. 

With fashion changing rapidly and sustainable fashion coming to prominence, patchwork has become ever important. Patchwork today is made using scraps and leftover fabrics after garments have been made. Patchwork is also made from usable scraps, embroideries and embellishments of used garments. The modern designs being so applied not only create beautiful designs, but also create high fashion garments that are runway ready.

At Weaves of Tradition, sustainable fashion is at the very heart of our business model. Which is why, patchwork becomes the centrepiece of many of our collections. We are continuously applying newer methods and techniques of using patchwork for our products and hope you would love to make these part of your wardrobe.

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