Weaves of Tradition

Set of 5 Masks


Rs. 300

Choose any 5 masks from the 21 design available.

How to select your 5 designs?

1. The drop down will show you 5 tabs to select your designs;

2. Refer to the pictures for Design and its Design Number. 

3. Choose the design number you wish to buy from the drop down menu. You can select the same design or mix and match different designs.

4. Once you select the 5 designs you are complete you payment from your cart. Your cart value will be updated according to the designs you choose.


Product Information:

  • Non surgical face mask.
  • Pure cotton.
  • Hand dyed fabric and hand block printed.
  • 16-17 cms x 8-9 cms.
  • 2 layers.
  • Pleated.
  • Comfortable elastic closure.
  • For non-medical use.
  • For general purpose use.
  • Reusable/ washable.
  • Wash with cold water. Wash before first use.

This product is not returnable.

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