Along the banks of the river Narmada, a sleepy temple town of Maheshwar, wakes up the steady rat-a-tat of looms. These skilled craftsmen and women, are weaving the delightfully light weight subtle elegance that is a Maheshwari saree. Maheshwari sarees are known to have been around since the 5th century AD, however, they were much popularised by the then Maratha Queen, Rani Ahilyabai Holkar. She brought in weavers from Surat and Madras and commissioned the weaving of turbans for men and sarees for the women in the royal household. 

These humble looking sarees, exude charm and elegance like no other. The Maheshwari weaving technique uses silk in the warp and cotton in the weft. The fabric is woven is extremely light weight, with the subtle sheen of the silk used in it. 

We source Maheshwari products directly from Khargone district, where Maheshwar is situated. Sarees, dress materials, dupattas, we have it all. If you love a minimal elegant style of dressing, a Maheshwari will be your best friend. Go for the wide rage of sarees, dress materials and dupattas from Weaves of Tradition and you will come back for more!