Freedom Sale

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Independence means many things to many people, but at the heart of Independence is the ability to exercise ones rights as an individual and as a free citizen. This year has been incredibly tough for everyone. No one is spared and everybody has felt the effects of a fast running life that was suddenly put to a halt. Whether its loss of job, or health issues or personal struggles, or struggles people have faced on the social/societal level, we've been through it all.

So on this 73rd Independence Day, what is it that is going to help us overcome the tough times? What is it that is going to help us wipe the sweat off our brows and get on with life, new normal or not, human beings have the ability to overcome the toughest struggles in life, India's struggle for Independence is the greatest testament to this fact.

Let us begin this celebration tonight with a little something we planned for you. A Freedom sale for 2 days. Hopefully you will treat yourself to some goodies and prepare for celebration, festivities and the good times that lie ahead of us!