Tie and Dye Tales

Tie and dye crafts in India have an ancient origin. It is believed that the Khatris brought the art of Bandhani tie dyeing to Kutch for the every first time. To this day, the Khatris are involved in the art of tie dyeing in the Kutch region of Gujarat. Bandhani is a technique of plucking fabric with finger nails and tie dyeing it to form beautiful designs. There are a number of different intricate designs formed by the use of this technique. 

Another tie and dye craft which is famous in India is Leheria. This technique was founded in Rajasthan and the name literally describes that streams of colour (Leher) of this technique.

These days shibori, which is a Japanese tie and dye technique is also found in India.

Tie and dye is also found in handwoven fabric made in India. These intricate dual processes create wonderful designs that are both unique and trendy. The Ikkats of Telangana and Odisha and the Patolas of Gujarat are a testament to the skill that's exists in the hands of Indian craftsmen. 

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